Professional signal and data analysis, machine learning applied to condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

Based on evopro Innovation Ltd‘s extensive experience in the field of industrial instrumentation and measurement, we provide our partners with professional signal and data analysis focusing primarily on time series data.

We place great emphasis on using cutting edge technologies, so we use intensively machine learning in clustering, regression, and classification related tasks. We use the latest open source technologies and apply them either at the cloud or edge level as well.

Services and key competencies
  • signal and data analysis of time series data
  • spectral and order analysis
  • exploratory data analysis, feature engineering
  • clustering, regression, and classification
  • machine learning
  • tools and platforms: Matlab, Python, TensorFlow, Apache Spark, Azure Databricks
  • change and trend detection in dynamic railroad weighing system’s data
  • vibration and acoustic condition monitoring
  • hydraulic airflow sensor predictive maintenance
  • remote monitoring of e-bus drive system and battery operational condition
  • processing various IoT data
  • signal analysis of acousto-optical measurements
  • signal processing of wireless sensor networks


Dr István Szatmári

  • Competence Team Leader
  • Data analytics