evopro Innovation is a Hungarian private SME established in 2012 operating in offices in Budapest and Debrecen. The business model is based on engineering service and product development. In engineering service we solve such problems of our clients that require creativity and novel technical solutions. In these type of projects deep mathematical and measurement technology knowledge are needed besides experience in the latest technology and a research and exploration attitude of the professionals. evopro Innovation developed a line of products for the Internet of Railway Things transition. Our diagnostic solutions increase the safety and efficiency of railway traffic and transportation. In order to strengthen our knowledge and experience in the State of the Art and to keep our products in the latest technology level evopro Innovation is active in Research and Development programs and projects.

Our values:

  • Ethical behavior in direction to our clients, employees and other stakeholders
  • Traditional quality oriented engineering professionalism
  • Latest technology
  • Flexibility and creativity in value creation


  • UNIFE : Association of the European Rail Supply Industry
  • EIT Digital : European Institute of Innovation and Technology
  • HiPEAC : High Performance Embedded Architecture and Compilation
  • Hungarian Association of Innovation